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Seramyu Awards

Sailormoon Musicals Icon Contest

Sailormoon Musical Icon Contest
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SeraMyu (Sailor Moon Musicals) icontests

Welcome to Seramyu Awards! This is an icon contest using images from the Sailor Moon Musicals (Seramyu) that ran from 1993 to 2005.

Livejournal has many Sailor Moon icon contests, and even one for the live action series PGSM. However, I had not seen one for the Seramyu, despite the number of gorgeous costumes and pictures that it features. The community and fanbase for the musicals may be much smaller than that of the general series, but I've seen some wonderful icons and web graphics.

Even if you aren't an icon maker, please feel free to join and vote for your favorite icons every week. We need all the members we can get!

Your moderators are immortalmoon and mesmerising.

Need help finding Seramyu pics for your icons? Check out these sites:
Sera Myu Antics eternal legend The Oracle


- You may view posts if you aren't a member; however, to vote and enter, you must join the community.

- Submissions must be 100 x 100 pixels and under 40 KB (Livejournal standards)

- All submissions must follow the theme or use the caps given for the week, and be SeraMyu-related.

- Icons must have real Myu actors/actresses on them. In other words, no fanart, official anime-style Myu art, like in the program books, or anything of that sort.

- Characters on an icon must be in-costume unless otherwise stated in the theme. For example, you can have a picture of Miyuki Kanbe as Sailor Moon in the musicals or an official photo shoot, but not a picture of her in rehearsal.

- Each week, you may only submit three icons, unless stated otherwise.

- The icons you submit must be new and made specifically for the challenges.

- Do not vote for your own icons. Do not have people vote for your icons.

- Moderators may submit icons for the contests during their own weeks.

- Moderators can disqualify submissions if they feel these rules are being violated.

The challenges are run fortnightly. The submission timeline is as follows:

Week 1 Saturday - Challenge is posted
Week 2 Monday - Challenge ends
Week 2 Monday - Voting is posted
Week 2 Thursday - Voting closes
Week 2 Friday - Results & banners are posted

Entries should be submitted in the following manner in a screened post:

[url of image]

So, like this:


There will be a poll for you to vote for your favorite icons. You will usually be asked to vote for three icons per week, but please keep an eye out for the number required in the voting post.


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